First responders are most effective in areas where they are the only available immediate resource to respond to vulnerable populations in disaster prone countries.

Course rationale

First responders role is to:

  • Assess the nature and scale of the incident;
  • Provide initial rescue from collapsed buildings;
  • Provide information to local decision makers;
  • Request appropriate support resources to successfully complete rescue.

The USAR first responder package consists of 4 elements:

  1. Specification of equipment such as basic tools, clothing and protective equipment. The equipment is stored in a standard steel ISO container and allows the first responders easy access to equipment.
  2. Standard operating procedures which can be adapted to local needs.
  3. Training programme which provides First Responders with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be able to respond to an emergency.
  4. Access to the INSARAG First Responders Global Network online.

All our trainers are USAR specialists with an unparalleled level of operational expertise gained over many years in many different environments.  They are highly experienced and used to working with teams from all over the world.

Our training can either be delivered at the client’s site or at one of our worldwide training facilities. The course consists of both theoretical and practical modules and is delivered over 5 days.

The course is designed for local responders that will be involved in assisting vulnerable populations in an emergency. Typically these first responders are members of the local emergency services, for example local police, medical staff or fire fighters or part of local government organisations who are responsible for emergency management or response and members of volunteer, charity or community groups.

Course details

5 days
Any venue suitable for the client