The first management position is the biggest challenge new leaders will face and with organisations becoming flatter there are fewer role models for new leaders and existing leaders increasingly have less time to mentor often leaving new leaders to their own devices.   This has implications for the individual, the organisation and its staff highlighting the importance of preparing first time leaders for leadership.

Course rationale

This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and practices of management and leadership, and will increase student awareness of the personal changes required to successfully adjust to the leadership role.  This course draws on facilitators personal experiences, current leadership thinking and best practice to illustrate the learning value of reflective practice.

This is a blended learning course delivered by experienced practitioners mixing theory with their practical experiences to help prepare students for first line management in law enforcement.

Course details

3 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements, delivery will be in English.

Key Benefits

Students will:

  • Understand the role of a law enforcement first line manager and start to develop the confidence to discharge their new leadership responsibilities
  • Gain knowledge of the leadership and team building concepts for a first line manager
  • Learn the value of reflective learning to the development their skills
  • Understand the need to evaluate issues, and, apply knowledge and concepts to practical situations