This 7 day course is pitched at high performing officers, agents or members of police staff who have been identified as leaders with the potential to set and then implement the future strategic direction of their organisations. They will have significant operational, change and people development experience and a proven track record in delivering sustained performance improvement.

Course content

Our Executive Programme will utilise a number of learning events focusing on the current and future strategic issues facing policing and law enforcement, coupled with the bespoke personal needs of the participants. An effective professional development plan is a pre-requisite for attendance. Prior to attendance on the programme, one of our coaches will be available to ensure that the development plan is fit for purpose. The Programme will consider:

  • The individual’s ethical right to lead the organisation and their approach to embedding and nurturing ethical performance within policing and law enforcement.
  • The contribution that the participant can make to the vision, values and purpose of policing and law enforcement?
  • The politics of policing and law enforcement – leading the organisation through competing political demands in the short, medium and long term.
  • Negotiating and influencing at strategic level – landing your agenda in an integrated manner that builds and supports partnership agencies.
  • Leading high profile operational challenges that may significantly impact on the reputation of the organisation.
  • How to effectively engage at strategic level with the family of law enforcement agencies by understanding the connectivity in approach, the areas of potential challenge and the need to influence shared values in order to deliver operational success.
  • What are the effective private sector practices that can be utilised within a public sector framework? Participants will ‘adopt’ an organisation and extensively research their business model - focusing on their approach to delivering customer satisfaction.
  • A detailed exploration of the step-up from managing an organisation at a complex level to leading an organisation through strategic change.
  • How to engage with people at an optimum level by effectively coaching and mentoring towards outstanding performance.
  • A personal review of self-awareness, self-confidence and self-management of ‘my’ performance.

Course details

7 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

At the end of the programme participants will have sufficiently developed their personal performance in order to be considered for strategic leadership within their organisation.