Managing public protest and disorder, and managing the community repercussions of that protest, under the anticipation of a spontaneously emerging terrorist threat, is a relatively new experience for British and international policing.

Course rationale

The policing response to this threat is unfamiliar, and relatively untested in the public arena. Incidents, where the aim of the terrorist is to sacrifice their lives to deliberately kill others, cause widespread destruction, or provoke a police shooting, is alien to the general community ethos and way of life in the UK but needs to be met with a professional and considered response.

The concept of a low technology, high impact suicide terrorist attack against the civil population at a public event, has not been considered as a real possibility before the suicide bombing attacks in London in 2005. Such an attack was not in the general public psyche; suicide terrorism was something that happened on the television, not something that could possibly happen at home. Post 2005 that possibility became reality, and effectively changed policing in the UK.

This eight (or 16) week on-line programme of immersive learning has been designed for individuals who work with the police or as security professionals. It is aimed at those who have a responsibility for managing public events, public protest and public disorder, where protest disorder and the threat of a terrorist attack is likely to impact on their daily business. The intention is to develop the students/delegates understanding of emerging terrorist threats, and how this could influence the tactical and strategic decision making.

Course details

8 weeks or 16 weeks
Any venue suitable for the client

Key Benefits

By the end of the units the students should have an understanding of:

  • What would constitute an ‘extreme threat’
  • The factors that could account for a rise in threat
  • The broad capacity and capability of the police to respond to extreme threat during the management of protest and disorder
  • The command appetite to deploy extreme policing measures
  • The impact on strategy implemented to manage protest and disorder when extreme threats or risks develop or are present