This course is aimed at enabling all investigators to have the ability to safely and lawfully gather information and intelligence from the wealth of resources available on the internet. The course is highly interactive and hands on, with the candidates being tasked with carrying out an investigation on the internet to obtain key information and test the skills that they learnt throughout the course. The course is tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation to ensure that the content is current, relevant and crucially, engaging to the end users.

Course details

5 days
The programmes can be taught at any venue suitable for the client. Due to the interactive nature of this course candidates will require access to both a device and the internet. Prior engagement with the client is required to understand the infrastructure in place or whether there will be a requirement for equipment to be supplied by the course provider.

Entry requirements

This course is available at three levels of complexity:

  • An introduction to OSIT, 
  • OSIT Intermediate level and 
  • An advanced OSIT course (Available to Law Enforcement only)

We are advocates of delivering a quality of training that enables students to be able to leave the course and apply their new found skills and knowledge in practical, high pressure operational environments rather than just understand the theory. We therefore emphasis the need to work with the individuals/organisation prior to the course delivery to ensure that the content of the course is tailored to their exact requirements.

Please note this course will be taught in English.

Key Benefits

Fully tailored to meet the needs the organisation and relevant to the candidates role/function. Provide investigating officers with the skills necessary to obtain, evaluate and use online information.

After attending this course, the participant will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate internet resources in order to capture and evaluate relevant data
  • Understand & apply the appropriate legislative considerations & best practice for Open Source Investigation
  • Identify key resources of publicly available information
  • Obtain the tracking data from email communications
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with social networking sites
  • Understand and demonstrate an ability to extract information from images
  • Understand the tools and product available in the marketplace and how they can assist in the role
  • This course will also include, if required by the organisation, awareness on the market leading Open Source Intelligence and Evidential Capture tools and if appropriate, training in their deployment and use