The ability to interrogate the internet effectively and securely is becoming an ever more important tool for the professional investigator. This 3 day course is always kept up to date to ensure investigators can be one step ahead.

Course rationale

On this course students will use search engines and social networking sites more effectively so as to gather intelligence. Basic internet security and safety are features of the course. Specifically students will be shown how to research telephone numbers, addresses and individuals using a variety of methods. They will be shown how to research companies and methods to identify website ownership. The course also introduces techniques to avoid compromising individual people or an investigation. Students can practice all of the above techniques whilst working on case studies based on real investigations.

Course details

3 days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

No specific requirements for these un-accredited short courses but, please note they will all be taught in English.

Key Benefits

Students undertaking this short course will be provided with the knowledge and techniques to conduct organised and effective on-line searches required to interrogate the current World Wide Web. Training will include harvesting social network and Deep Web sources of information. Using techniques to maintain anonymity for the researcher the programme will demonstrate how to maximise the potential of all available sources of information and intelligence on the Internet.