A good project manager draws on a wealth of previous experience to navigate and overcome the issues faced in the delivery of the objectives. This course aims to give concentrated mentoring to new or inexperienced project managers to help equip them with some of the experience needed, whilst still early in their career. This module will bridge the gap between the project understanding of the candidate and the expectations of the project sponsor. The content is based upon the requirements and understanding necessary for the delivery of technical, service and business change projects and programmes.

The course is aimed at professionals who are looking to develop the skills and knowledge to deliver large, complex, critical, multiple or crisis projects within specification and to manage real and virtual project teams. It also delivers experience based advice on the application of the most commonly used project methodology (Prince2) in a commercial environment and where this diverges from 'the book'.

Course content

  • What is a project?
  • Definitions of project types and description of issues faced in each
  • Understand project, programme and portfolio management
  • Project scenarios – definitions and characteristics of leadership requirements
  • Project teams-definitions and characteristics of leadership requirements
  • Building your team – operating in a virtual, and international project team structure
  • Get the foundations right – Methodologies overview
  • Project Management tools - Gantt in depth, risk management, communications tools
  • Getting underway
  • Project Documentation – what do you need, when and why? How to sensibly use the documentation pool to drive your project
  • Purchasing and procurement in a commercial environment
  • Timelines – commercial time stealers and opportunities
  • Risk – managing and reporting project risk Contingency planning–where, when and how much?
  • Opportunity from risk
  • Multiple projects
  • Finance – project finance in the real world
  • Man management techniques overview
  • Project manager profiles
  • Real Crisis management – tips/dos’ and don’ts
  • Closing a project or programme
5 Days
Any venue suitable for the client

Entry requirements

This course is aimed at those new to Project Management or who seek to drive forward with that career path with more confidence and speed.  Some experience in technical project management would be beneficial, and a certain level of exposure to the topic will be assumed.  Experience in using Prince2 methodology would be beneficial, 'foundation' level qualification is recommended, a recently qualified 'practitioner' would probably benefit greatly from this module.  However, these are recommendations and whilst some aspect of the course will need a steep learning curve, Prince2 delivery experience is not mandatory.

Key Benefits

Students undertaking these short courses will be provided with the knowledge and techniques to:

  • Define the stakeholders for a project, their roles, and responsibilities and how the project leader interacts with them.
  • Define and justify project documentation appropriate to the scale and scope of the project
  • Develop a sturdy Project Initiation Document and manage the evolution of the project documentation through the life of the activity
  • Set SMART objectives, outputs and outcomes for the project(s)
  • Develop a Gantt chart to reflect an assigned scenario
  • Carry out purchasing and procurement in a commercial environment
  • Manage multiple projects with differing cycle points
  • Analyse successful project delivery, and create (and apply) a Lessons Learned report