This course is aimed at leaders who wish to explore their understanding of the Digital World. It will include three core areas of Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Social Media.

The course will be highly interactive. In addition to presentations the Course participants will be tested through a number of short paper fed exercises. These will culminate in a bespoke exercise covering their particular leadership roles and their understanding of their own Digital environment. Participants will leave the course having explored a range of issues against their own organisation’s ethos and mission s and will have been exposed to a variety of skills and techniques to help them understand cybercrime cybersecurity and social media.

At the conclusion of the course participants will leave with a peer assessed Personal Action Plan to make them a much more effective leader in the Digital World

Course details

1 Day
Any venue suitable for the client.

Key Benefits

The course will be aimed at new and identified Fast-Track junior managers and leaders within Law Enforcement or other key public sector organisations. It will equip them with a range of knowledge and experiences to maximise their impact as future leaders. Building on their existing skills and presentations delivered through the course they will be able to understand and develop their use of Digital skills in the workplace. Of equal value, the course is also aimed at senior leaders who have little experience of Cyber-Security, Cyber-Crime or Social Media yet wish to learn more in a safe environment. They will be expected to use Social Media during the course and will be helped to decide how or whether its use is appropriate for their work situation. They will also gain an understanding of the Principles of Cyber Security and Cyber Crime, making them much more effective in the work place.

Whilst this course is primarily aimed at Law Enforcement the principles and Learning outcome impact across the Public Sector and in addition can include those in senior roles in the Private Sector who are partners with Public Sector agencies. Third Sector or Charitable Organisations leaders may also benefit from the structure and experience the course brings