In recent years, nearly everyone, from private corporations to government agencies, and individuals, have become increasingly aware of issues related to cybersecurity. This may be due to the need to prevent fraud or identity theft, to protect national security, or to ensure that important networks that manage critical infrastructure continue to function. Global University Systems and Global CONNECT, a unit of the University of California San Diego have partnered to offer an immersive, bespoke training program to provide participants with insights into current best practices in cybersecurity.

Course content

Our instructors, who are themselves senior practitioners, will cover topics such as identifying and assessing risks associated with protecting a network, methods and approaches for implementation, current standards and guidelines, ethical issues such a privacy and civil liberties, the legal environment in the US and elsewhere, workforce development, among others. Based upon participant need, the program may also incorporate specific focus areas, such as the healthcare industry or protecting infrastructure assets like the electricity grid.

In addition to the lecture-based curriculum, the program includes a practicum built around guest speakers and site visits to innovative companies and organizations in San Diego and London. These may include:

  • Companies, including those that have cybersecurity products on the market, as well as firms that have adopted cybersecurity measures to protect their critical systems.
  • UC San Diego and other education providers to learn about new developments in cybersecurity technologies and training methods to ensure availability of a skilled workforce.
  • Law enforcement officials and members of the judiciary to see how cybersecurity is viewed from a criminal and legal perspective
  • Non-profit organizations, e.g. ICSPA who are involved in public awareness and outreach efforts

Key Benefits

At the conclusion of the program, participants will gain a deep understanding as to US and UK based approaches towards cybersecurity, from policy through to implementation. The inclusion of high-profile guest speakers and site visits also provide valuable opportunities for growing a professional network with leaders in the field.

Global Connect™

Global CONNECT™ is an applied research and technical assistance consultancy based within the University of California, San Diego. The experienced and diverse Global CONNECT team focuses on assisting governments, companies, and scholars in building Innovation capacity and accelerating the commercialization of new technologies through customized education and research services.